Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back to School

Due to a snow day yesterday, today was our first day back after nearly three weeks off. I stuck to the Wednesday schedule and stayed at work until 6:30 tonight. I am still catching up (see previous post on procrastination), but I at least feel refreshed and have some energy for it.

Math, math everywhere

There is a good post and discussion over at Ms. Frizzle on teaching (or not teaching) math in middle school and in other subjects......I'd create an actual link but I am not sure how yet.

Catching up in Geometry Class

I had one level II geometry class today, where I handed back their tests (along with a gazillion other things I just finally finished correcting.) Afterwards, I met with 2 of the kids that failed for extra help.

I have about 125 students all together, so working with all of them one on one is just not possible. And yet, its working one on one where I learn the most about how kids learn. I see what errors the kids are making...I get a much better idea of their thought patterns.

A few "teaching " problems I've come across I am not sure how to fix. The idea of the Angle Addition Postulate is one of them. If an angle is formed by two adjacent angles, the measure of the angle formed is equal to the sum of the two adjacent angles. ( a figure here would be very helpful, but I don't yet know how to post pictures.) To me, this idea is very obvious; yet I have kids that just do not seem to get it. It's as if they do not see, literally, the same way I do. I think next year I am going to somehow figure out a way to use manipulatives, something the kids can pick up and mess around with, when I teach this. I think a program like Geometer's Sketchpad would also be helpful. Any geometry teachers out there have a similar problem and/or solution?


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