Sunday, January 08, 2006

Crossing of the To Do

Finished my level II geo midterm and level III Alg II midterm. I'm fairly pleased with them, and I am not working up until 1 am to finish them. As a matter of fact, I finished geo yesterday. Procrastination improvement points for me!!!

I'm still getting up early to take the algebra one...check for time and typos. But that is also still better than last year, when I ended up giving out a correction sheet along with the test. I still basically adapted a lot of last year's midterms, but I like what I added, and/or changed.

For Algebra II, I added an applications section. (NO!!! NOT word problems.......many may disagree, but word problems really turn my stomach. They are only masquerading as authentic applications. Real world applications do not come in little drips, and for heaven's sake, if Johnny has $1.98 total, why doesn't he simply count the number of nickels , dimes and pennies as opposed to writing algebraic equations to figure it out??!!! Okay...sorry for the sidebar.) Anywho, the kids have data that is graphed and they must answer questions regarding it...they must explain why. If I knew how, I'd post the actual exam questions. Is it possible to post Word documents on a blog? Or create a link to Word documents?

On the geo one, I did a much better job of teaching proof this year, if I do say so myself. The kids actually seem to be getting it, and the proofs I put on the midterm should be a good asessment of whether not they understand the basics of proof (I hope).

Blogging Thoughts

Writing a blog is a rather daring thing, in my book. I feel uncertain putting my very unpolished, somewhat inarticulate, and rather bland writing on the web for all to see (not that all are looking....if any are looking. And I don't do it for the people reading, though advice is ALWAYS welcome. I do more for my own self reflection and clarification of ideas. Still.......). Its funny in that its all a rough draft. I am hoping that as I blog more, my writing improves, hopefully drastically. Writing here is almost like sight reading a piece of music...except you never go back and revise. You just hope to get better at sight reading.


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