Friday, March 31, 2006

Life Goes On

Life has been a little crazy...but I'd like to start blogging start, just a few brief random thoughts that I may like to elaborate on later:

  • Today's the last day of the marking term...have no idea how I am going to get all the grading done. I did do better than last quarter, though my original plan is void because my husband went back to working nights...
  • Been actually reading NCTM's Principals and Standards...there's a lot of good stuff in there (at least I think its good). It's giving me food for thought and more focus as to where I should be going so far as curriculum....reminder to self to post later about my (current) vision for an ideal department/school in which to work (though overall I am very pleased with my current situation).
  • Beginning to look at Master's programs to possibly begin in the looks like I'll be doing a Curriculum and Instruction Master's because there are not that many online Mathematics Master's. This might be better anyhow, considering I have never had formalized education courses
  • Reminder to self to post about frustrations, chagrin at self for previous thoughts and attitudes, etc.
While this post is really uninteresting and probably difficult to follow, I wanted to at least get something down or I may never have gotten back to posting.